Visit The Eastwood Inn

Tucked Away In Beautiful Ligonier Valley

For some, The Eastwood Inn is a once-a-year experience. For others, it is a weekly getaway. But for generations, it’s a place to come back to.  Our beautiful restaurant and experienced waitstaff bring ease to elegance so you can enjoy yourself and your company.  Whether you are out for big steaks after golfing or quality seafood on a first date, The Eastwood Inn provides the perfect environment.

Great food pairs well with a great atmosphere, The Eastwood Inn has always served straightforward and satisfying dinners.  Famous for our cut-to-order steaks and yes, our lima beans, we now add seasonal and weekly specials to lighten and freshen the menu.  There is a wide-ranging wine list and ever since Prohibition, we’ve crafted classic cocktails at our one-of-a-kind bar.

Join us at Ligonier’s most historic restaurant and become part of history.  We will be honored to have you because this is a special place and “Everybody’s Famous at The Eastwood Inn.”