Take-Away Days

Due to the abrupt change brought on the the CoVID19 pandemic.  We have adjusted our menu and service for this temporary  atmosphere.

        Our goal is to serve you delicious food to bring something satisfying and normal to your day.  Doing our best to make life a little easier and a little more comfortable during a stressful period.  Our staff will stay diligent doing whatever we can to protect your food and your loved ones.  We’ve completely redrawn our menu but will hold to the same principles of using the highest quality ingredients, fixed from scratch and from our hearts.

      We absolutely hope that this upending of our lives is for the shortest term possible but we are committed to serving our community for whatever time it takes.  As long as we are able, we will serve you, doing our best to make something special out of this challenging time.  It’s so much fun to engage with people at our place but for now we can only engage with the food we serve.

Thank you for your support and most of all, thank you to those caring for the sick.  As we look forward to better times, let’s cheers to good health and to great friends made even closer by this time of distance.


Our updated menu is linked on the left panel.